2nd Russian-German Creative Industries Forum ART-WERK 2018 will take place on November 16-17 at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. (4th Syromyatnicheskiy pereulok, 1/8 str. 6)
Development of cooperation and exchange of experience between Russian and German representatives of creative industries, as well as recognition of the importance of the creative sector in the economic, social and infrastructure development of cities.

The full program of the forum. The program is supplemented and updated!
Registration of participants
10:00 - 11:00
Main Stage
Vintage Hall
Forum opening
11:00 - 11:30
Panel discussion
"Innovations erase borders: creative industries' place in the world of technologies"
11:30 - 13:00
Panel discussion
"Survival or prosperity? Сreative industries in a modern megacity"
13:20 - 14:50
Panel discussion "Creative industries for change: creative industries for a better society"
Panel discussion
"In search of new solutions: innovations in media business"
Open round table with regional funds supporting creative industries in Germany and Russia:
"Best strategies for regional support of creative industries"
Presentation Stage
12:00 - 13:00
Round Table
"Music. Collaborative art or synergy of the diverse"
Panel discussion
"Art beyond the museum. How public art changes public spaces"
15:10 - 16:40
17:00 - 18:30
Creative Talks @ ART-WERK 2018 / Evening of TED-style presentations
19:00 - 22:00
13:20 - 14:50
15:10 - 16:40
17:00 - 19:00
Workshop: Searching for a sustainable business model for social and cultural projects
16 November
Section partner: Moscow Urban Forum
Section partner: Impact Hub Moscow
Section partner: "Creative Industries" Agency
Section partner: Impact Hub Moscow
13:20 - 14:50
Public talk by «Urban Institute»:
"New approaches to international cooperation in the field of architecture and urban planning"
Lecture by Noor Architects:
"Smart City". What can an architect offer in the framework of modern trends in Information Technologies
14:00 - 14:30
14:40 - 15:00
Presentation by "YOF":
"Presentation of the first geometric collection in Russia"
15:10 - 15:30
Presentation of the creative bureau CoopArt:
"Expanding cultural boundaries: how is the creative environment formed away from megalopolises?"
Lecture by "Formula Rukodelia" magazine
15:40 - 16:00
16:10 - 16:30
Presentation performance by Space Cow Press:
"Comics from Siberia: from a bookshop to an independent publishing house"
16:40 - 17:00
Workout on creative thinking by Crossfit Mozga
Presentation of the project "Lost Wonders of Russia": "Virtual reconstruction as an alternative to the remake"
17:10 - 17:30
17:40 - 18:00
Presentation of the project Russian Art Alive:
"Art Alive: multimedia projects in the field of culture and painting"
18:10 - 18:30
Presentation of RO "Equal Opportunities" and art and craft workshops "Okoyom":
"Special Art" to live and create"
Performance by White Room Foundation:
"Skotoma 2018"
18:40 - 19:00
Panel discussion
"Teaching artists about running a business"
12:30 - 13:45
Main Stage
Vintage Hall
Panel discussion
"Exporting creativity. How tourism works with creative industries"
14:00 - 15:15
Panel discussion "Media art and market: works of art untouched by the artist"
15:30 - 16:45
Panel discussion
"Beyond the bounds of reality: creative industries in a time of VR and AR-technologies"
17:00 - 18:15
Hendrik Meier: the first Night Mayor in Germany
Public Interview
3D immersive technologies. Workshop on VR/AR with Pointreef and a4VR
Panel discussion
"On-line education in creative and cultural industries"Section partner: «Sreda Obuchenia"
Presentation Stage
12:30 - 13:45
Panel discussion "How design thinking methods are transforming a designer's profession"
10:00 - 11:30
"Experimental music in academic education in Germany and Russia
17:00 - 17:30
17:40 - 18:20
Matchmaking Session: Meet the Creative Entrepreneurs from Saxony, Düsseldorf and Hamburg
14:00 - 14:40
14:45 - 15:15
15:30 - 16:45
Presentation by Rocks Box:
"Climbing in urban spaces: development trends"
17 November
Panel discussion
"Rave music as a soft power tool: how cities can benefit from night music culture"
15:30 - 16:30
Publik Talk by "Format 1":
"Limited art editions and street wave"
Section partner: Moscow Urban Forum
Section partner:
"Sreda Obuchenia"
Section Partner: Moscow Music School
CreativeMornings Moscow
18:30 - 20:00
Presentation by "Atelier.MK":
"Dream house for Facebook generation. Functional design with emotion in mind"
12:50 - 13:10
My Fest Presentation:
"Festival as an element of urbanism"
13:20 - 13:50
14:00 - 14:20
Lecture by Nastya Kolchina
Spatial Design:
"Study of approaches to space throughout the 20th century"
Presentation by Hirokama:
"Translation from the language of emotions into things and design. Hirokama Project - things and design from your better future"
14:30 - 14:50
Presentation by Biganto.Visual:
"Virtual reality and future presentations for architects and designers"
15:00 - 15:20
Lecture by CDO:
"Modern technologies and materials"
16:40 - 17:20
Ural Music Camp 2018 –
Project presentation
17:30 - 17:50
18:00 - 18:20
Discussion by Škola Crew:
"The experience of creating multimedia concerts of classical music"
Presentation by the creative
studio "Artnovi":
"The use of modern technology in the audiovisual art"
18:30 - 19:00
Presentation by MOKUDODO:
"The influence of architecture and art on the MOKUDODO accessories brand concept"
19:10 - 19:30
19:40 - 20:00
Public Talk bydheLUXE:
"Can art objects become interior design objects?"
Saturday, 17 November
Nizhnyaya Syromytnicheskaya 11/56А
For ART-WERK 2018 participants – special price:
800 RUB
Music Programme | Synthposium LIVE with Jan Jelinek and Anne Wellmer
Lars Terlinden
Director of the Expert Center for Creative Economy at the Department of Economic Development of Düsseldorf
Sofya Trotsenko
President of the Foundation for Contemporary Art "Winzavod"
Hendrik Meier
The night mayor of Mannheim
Christian Rost
Head of the Saxon Center for the Economics of Culture and Creative Industries
Christin Apenbrink
Communication Specialist in Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH
Lika Kremer
Head of Video and Podcast Department, Medusa
Egbert Rühl
Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH
Stephanie Oppitz
CEO of WindelManufaktur
Matthias Berg
Creative director and consultant, founder of copywriting school Texterschmiede - Hamburg School of Ideas, Hamburg
Katerina Ivanova
Music Cities project manager, Sound Diplomacy, Berlin
Marlon Maas
Co-founder of the online platform youvo.org
Anna Titovets
Media artist, curator of the festival Plums Fest
Ulrich Schrauth
Founder and creative director of the festival VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, Hamburg
Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
Director of Universal University
Leif Nüske
Founder of the Mojo Club, member of the Board of Directors of the Hamburg Musical Business Association
Josephine Hage
Deputy Head of the Saxon Center for the Economics of Culture and Creative Industries
Sergey Desyatov
Director ARTPLAY
Tatyana Ivshyna
Executive Director of the Fund "Ulyanovsk-cultural capital"
Ivan Nefyodkin
Founder and Creative Director of Radugadesign
Robert Milost
Co-founder of Pointreef, Düsseldorf
Marc Flören
Co-founder of Pointreef, Düsseldorf
Lisa Kunst
CreativeMornings organizer, Dusseldorf
Britt Wandhöfer
Chief Editor, Coco & Bill Publishing House, Düsseldorf
Johanna Schlaack
Director of strategic territory development, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, Berlin
Jan Thiel
Co-founder, a4VR – Agency 4 Virtual Reality, Düsseldorf
Andrey Parshikov
Curator, art reviewer
Christoph Bucher
Co-founder, a4VR – Agency 4 Virtual Reality, Düsseldorf
Mathias Priebe
Coach, communication consultant, journalist
Beate Grzeski
Minister and Permanent Representative of the Ambassador of Germany in Russia
Ekaterina Goldberg
Expert for cultural programming and public involvement, co-founder of the Orchestra architectural bureau, architect
Maria Stashenko
Director of the Center for design-thinking in Moscow, founder of the design-thinking laboratory Wonderfull
Evgeniy Dridze
Deputy Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations of Moscow City Governement
Denis Semyonov
Artist, VR film director
Marco Maas
Journalist, founder and director of OpenDataCity / Datenfreunde GmbH
Alexandr Us
Co-founder and creative director, "Sila Sveta"
Yan Yarmoshchuk
CEO of FlaconX
Kirill Nikitin
Partner, head of the GR department, PwC
Denis Shchukin
Director of the Creative Industries Support Foundation "Creative Practices"
Andrey Zheleznyakov
CEO of the State budgetary institution "Small business of Moscow"
Ekaterina Khaletskaya
Co-founder of Impact Hub Moscow
Filipp Mironov
Journalist, ex-chief editor of "Afisha Daily", founder of the Telegram-channel Psycho Daily
Elchin Ali-zade
Graffiti writer, hand printing enthusiast, owner/operator @ format1.net, organizer of the art print fair "print-market Vkus Bumagi"
Boris Kupriyanov
Publisher, editor at Gorky Media
Oxana Bondarenko
Curator of the project "Privet, Moskva" in the Moscow metro
Yasha Yavorskaya
Art director of the ARTPLAY design center
Darya Parkhomenko
Founder, curator of LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation
Denis Ponomaryov
Designer, co-founder of the design bureau Verstak
Konstantin Rakhmanov
Head and founder of the street art festival "Stenograffia", president of the "Stenograffia" Foundation
Andrey Kolokolov
Art director of the Streetart Agency, ideologist and co-founder of the Stenograffia Festival
Ekaterina Sachkova
Director of the "Creative Industries" Agency
Anne Wellmer
Composer, performer, sound artist
Irina Arzhanova
Executive Director of the National Training Foundation
Ronny Ullrich
Managing Partner at Cromatics
Denis Schmidt
CEO of Druck & Werte, Leipzig
Benny Nast
Co-founder and creative director, Labor Fou, Düsseldorf
Vitaliy Bykov
CEO of Red Keds Creative Agency
Irina Saminskaya
Project coordinator at Winzavod Contemporary Art Foundation
Olga Kizina
Head of City environment Department, Skolkovo Foundation
Friederike Rennen
Competence Center for Cultural and Creative Industries at the Office for Economic Development of the City of Düsseldorf
Anna Mokhova
Artist, co-curator of DPO "Contemporary Art" in BSSHD, founder of the art agency ALARM
Vera Baklashova
Design and Technology Project Manager at the British Higher School of Design
Nikita Rodichenko
Founder and CTO of Robotics
Lisa Siomicheva
PR-director of "Uppsala Circus"
Andrey Kovalenko a.k.a. Banzay bnz
Russian dancer and choreographer in the style of hip-hop & house dance, creator of the dance company "Russian FarForYo"
Alexander Senko
Musician, composer, soundartist, author of sound and interactive installations, audiovisual compositions
Konstantin Chaykin
Founder of the manufactory "Konstantin Chaykin"
Sergey Fadeev
Founder of the creative association RODNYA, founder of the Signal festival
Alexander "Savyer" Khmelevsky
Founder of "Research Institute" ("Science and Art")
Stas Sharifullin
Teacher of Moscow Music School, musician, curator, founder of Klammklang label
Alexander Zaltsman
Leader of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Higher School Medium of Education
Ilya Sozontov
Curator and teacher of programs of the Directorate of educational programs of the Department of Culture of Moscow, founder of the LUDI educational center
Christina Gevorkian
Online Education Development Foundation
Svetlana Takhtarova
Doctor of Philology, Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations, Kazan Federal University
Alexey Pashchenko
Head of FreeForm.Edit, Chairman of the Board of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Postulate"
Veronika Chibis
Creative Director of FreeForm.Edit (ANO "Postulate")
Natasha Faibisovich
Art director of the Higher School Environment Learning
Pavel Alekseev
Co-owner of Rabitsa club
Alexander Lestyukhin
Co-owner of Rabitsa club
Yulia Gankevich
Architect, urbanist Orchestra design bureau
Ksenia Chudinova
Chief editor of the Snob project website
Dilbar Sadykova
Director, Center for Tourism Development of the Republic of Tatarstan
Airat Bagautdinov
Director, Moscow through the engineer's eyes
Bart Goldhoorn
Architect, architectural critic, founder of PROJECT Russia magazine
Artem Korolev
Urbanist, researcher, executive director of the Urban Institute
Mikhail Belyakov
Founder, Chief Architect, Bureau Noor Architects
Vadim Mel
Author of the concept of geometric furniture, designer, founder of the brand YOF
Maria Massuh
Founder of the creative bureau CoopArt, creative producer, artist
Igor Namakonov
Partner of the creative agency MOST Creative Club, trainer and consultant in creative thinking

Nikita Rybin
Architect, faculty of reconstruction of the historical city-planning environment of the Moscow Architectural Institute, member of the Union of Moscow Architects

Katerina Miroshnikova
Director of Emotional Reality

Evelina Selionchik
Executive Director of the RO Equal Opportunities NGO, Manager of the Integrated Theater "Circle II"

Elizaveta Serova
Master and director of the Art and craft workshops "Okoyom"
Mikhail Kapitonov
Architect, founder of "K & K"
Olga Chaus
Creative entrepreneur, author and producer of the festival My fest
Anastasia Kolchina
Architect of public spaces and the founder of Leatelier.Business
Julia Degen

Author of the Hirokama project

Dmitry Aske
Street artist
Catherine Borisov
Art director of the RuArts gallery
Maria Chernova
Creative director and founder of Artnovi studio, composer, author and curator of the studio's audiovisual projects
Marina Konochkina
Founder of the MOKUDODO brand, designer, Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), Member of the Union of Architects of Russia

Daniel Henner
Founder and Creative Director of the company "dheLUXE"
Ani Tonian
Commercial Director of dheLUXE in Russia and Central Asia
Alexandra Stefanova
Project Manager of Škola Crew, pianist
Valeria Sanchillo
The main artist of the Škola Crew project
Lidia Kalmykova
Project Coordinator of Škola Crew
Mifodovsky Valery
Entrepreneur, producer, associate partner of Trout & Partners Russia, RMA Instructor, Skolkovo resident
Vladlen Davydov
Entrepreneur, angel investor, producer
Konstantin Dorohov
Composer, concert pianist, virtuoso violinist.
Denny Kay
Modern electronic composer. London / Moscow
Huan Wang
Composer and pianist, Taiwan
Alexandra Yermolenko
Director of Design, Rambler & Co
Georgy Elaev
Co-founder of Space Cow, founder of the Comic Arts Tyumen festival and Comic Camp novice illustrator schools
Nikita Arnett
Digital Specialist, Biganto
Daniil Ostrikov
Co-founder of Horizon
Hassan Timizhev
Head of the State Development Institute "Resorts of the North Caucasus"
Mikhail Maximov
Media artist
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